Sharing is Caring

As I have told you before, I love cycling. Whether it is indoor cycling or riding my bike 100 miles around Lake Tahoe, it is one of my favorite exercises. I am also adamant about bike safety. Both drivers and riders need to follow certain guidelines to keep everyone safe.

I am even more adamant since this past May when a friend of mine almost lost her life in a biking accident when she was struck by a car. In this case, it was 100% the driver’s fault, but I know from experience that riders often make major mistakes which put their lives and others at risk. A couple months ago I shared some tips on keeping the roads safe.

A few days ago, I was contacted by a company called Share the Damn Road.

STDR was created by professional cyclist Phil Gaimon. The goal is to convey messages of safety and cyclist’s rights, but there is an element of humor and frustration, which we feel cannot be denied in the cyclist/motorist relationship, so these jerseys are not for wimps.

Jersey messages include:

“Don’t run me over”
“Slow Down”
“Infinity MPG”
“<— 3 Feet”
“Share the Dam Road”
“Don’t Honk at Me”

I appreciate the goal of promoting road safety, but I also wonder what affect these jerseys might really have on the driver/cyclist relationship. If I were driving and saw one, I would laugh, but the drivers the message is aimed at might just get pissed and be even more inclined to honk. 

I would wear the “Infinity MPG” jersey because that message is also environmental. I don’t know if I could wear the others because I do not believe aggression is the best way to achieve change in behavior. I am 100% behind Share the Damn Road’s intentions and mission and if people wear the jerseys, more power to them. I hope they can report back to me that they see a significant change in motorist behavior in relation to their jerseys.

Everyone should share the road, be courteous and use common sense. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes (or cleats) and act accordingly. Safe riding and driving to everyone!


3 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring

  1. abbynormally says:

    I completely agree that aggression is not the way to change behaviors! If you want someone to change, you have to be gentle, understanding and meet them halfway. If you’re harsh, it usually makes them defensive! I think the only one I would wear would be the “don’t run me over” one because it makes me laugh! 🙂 I think that’s what all runners ask!

  2. Colorado passed a law this summer that requires motorists to give a 3 foot berth to cyclists and allows motorists to cross the yellow line to do so (as long as it’s safe to do so). The law also makes it illegal to throw things at riders. I have to admit I was quite surprised when I read that stipulation, surprised that anyone would THROW something at a cyclist (who are these people?!). You can read about the law here:

    • modernation says:

      I can’t believe that is was LEGAL to EVER throw something at a cyclist. That just seems crazy. I would think Colorado would have best laws for cyclists because it is such a fit and active state! Thanks for sharing.

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