Lalo Week 2 – Harder or Easier?

This is week two of the Lalo Challenge. I am sticking to the 3 times per week schedule and I am pretty proud of myself. Up at 5AM three times to get it done and the fourth session was the day after Christmas. Not too bad. After every workout Aaron asks me, “Is it getting easier?” I tell him, “Surprisingly, no.” The reason it isn’t getting easier yet is because I am working harder. Each day I get more comfortable with the moves, so I do more reps and push myself farther. Each day I am a little more sore and can already see an improvement in my strength. After several weeks, I can only imagine how much stronger I will be.

Now that I am familiar with the moves, I have some goals. I want to master the Spider Push Up, which I can only fake right now. In the spider push up you do a full push up, pause at the bottom for a second, then as you push up you bring your knee out to the side to touch your elbow. Oh yeah, and do it 10 times on each side. Hello – impossible! Hopefully not forever!

I also want to improve on the ab moves. Between my weak abs and my hips problems, some of the moves are really hard for me to do. There are moves wear you have to have both legs extended, off the ground and my hips just can’t handle it. Hopefully strengthening my abs will help take the pressure off my hips.

What is the most challenging workout for you? Do you like the challenge or does it make you want to give up?


One thought on “Lalo Week 2 – Harder or Easier?

  1. I did Pilates last night and can totally sympathize on the both legs extended ab moves and how hard they are. I think I have lost all abdominal strength and replaced it with a bowl full of jelly. A 2010 resolution is definitely to increase strength, especially in my core.

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