26.2 in 2010?

New Year, new challenge? You know me…I get these ideas in my head that sometimes are a little crazy. Part of me knows they are crazy, but the other part takes over with excitement, optimism and determination. This is one trait I love about myself (I think). When I decided to do my triathlon, I had not ridden a bike for years. I went to a Team in Training meeting and just signed up. Once my name was on that form and the deposit paid, there was no looking back. And it was seriously one of the best things I ever did!

While training for that triathlon I made a promise to myself, and several other people, that I was going to do a Century Ride (100 mile bike ride) the following year. And I did. I get these ideas in my head, and once I say them out loud, there is no looking back.

What did I say out loud this time? A MARATHON. I have really always thought that I would never do a marathon in my lifetime. Not that I don’t think I COULD – it just has never sounded appealing. The extreme pain, loss of toe nails, tricks your body plays on your mind, and the sheer amount of time that training takes makes it seem like something I could do without. Since training for and completing my first half marathon (plus 3 others), I have been a fan of the half marathon distance. The training plan is doable, lets you really get into good shape if you do it right, and the race is over in less than 2 hours.

Well…I am a competitor by nature. I love a challenge from others, and also love challenging myself. I have grown comfortable with my routine and need something to spice things up. In the past that has been training for a half marathon or 100 mile bike ride. But I have been there, done that – it’s time for something new.

So I thin 2010 may be my year to do 26.2. While I never really WANTED to do a marathon, I knew at some point I would need to check it off my bucket list. Why not when I am 27? It isn’t going to get easier, right? I have yet to pick a race, but am discussing several on the West and East Coast with my friend Bridgette. Bridgette has run several marathons and is a great inspiration. We coached Girls on the Run together and I just adore her! She has promise to be there either a sherpa or fellow runner – and I love her for that.

I will be keeping you posted, but thought telling all of you would make this even more of a reality. Could there be a better day to declare a huge goal than December 31st? I think not! I am planning for a race in the second half of the year, so I will be spending time building back my base and prepping my body for training. Here goes nothin’!


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