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After a long holiday weekend, I am back. Question to the other health bloggers out there – if you get off track due to vacation, illness or another excuse reason, do you find it hard to blog? When I am not eating my best, or working out really hard, I tend to ignore the blog. Sorry about that!

Anyway, I am back. Quick weekend recap:
– Had a low key San Diego NYE with friends at their house, out to dinner and a bar. Totally my style.
– Spent Jan 1st being lazy, watching football and eating Mexican food while reliving stories from the night before
– Woke up super early on Jan 2nd to drive to Temecula for a friend’s wedding. It was a gorgeous day and a fun ceremony and reception. I was a “groomsperson” and it was really fun.

– Drove home and watched the Hangover while napping on the couch with Aaron and our friends before ordering pizza and crashing early.
– Flew home midday on the 3rd and relaxed for a little while before heading to my aunt’s house for a belated Christmas celebration. More pizza, salad and presents. I ate a boat load of salad because I don’t think I had any vegetables that were not on a burger, wrapped in a burrito, or buried under cheese on a pizza all weekend!

Monday it was back to the grind and also the day to try to get my eating back on track. Salad for lunch Monday and Tuesday, and more salad with dinner. Monday a workout just felt impossible, but today I woke up and made it to the gym bright and early. I almost fell asleep in the car on the way to work, but it felt great to sweat!

I have so many things I want to do and accomplish in 2010. More on that later! It’s good to be back!


3 thoughts on “Back to the Blog

  1. Carlye says:

    You forgot the biggest highlight of the vacation… you rolled two Yahtzees and won your first game! Miss you!

  2. Deborah says:

    Glad to see you; you looked great. Hope you had a good time at the Wedding – we all did.

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