Pilates Power

I have dabbled in many different varieties of exercise. From cycling, running and swimming to Bikram yoga and Kettlebells. But I have never really been active in a Pilates practice. I have always wanted to because I know how it can transform your body. II have always been intrigued by the Reformer machine but due to cost and convenience, I have never been able to. Last night I got the chance to take a Pilates class from Carol Hockridge, the owner of ONE Pilates & Cycle.

Shortly after moving to town, I drove by the studio and was intrigued by the combination of pilates and cycling. I visited the website and was totally drawn to Carol and her philosophy of “providing cutting-edge training and exercise programs that are safe, effective and functional. Carol is focused on educating and motivating her clients to be the best that they can be and to love and respect their physical and mental capabilities.” LOVE THIS!

The class I took was Total Core Pilates Mat a “Pilates mat class that focuses on core stability, flexibility and strength. Small props such as the arc barrel, power rings, balls and Core Band are used to enhance range of motion, gain strength and improve overall flexibility.”

Umm…hello jello arms and legs. The class incorporates the use of a pilates ring and a weighted bar. Yowza my whole body feels like a big bowl of jello. It was such a good workout. I feel like I got a great core workout, great stretch and also some awesome toning. I loved that you use so little weight, and often just your body weight, and get such a great workout.


One thought on “Pilates Power

  1. Deborah says:

    I’ve been taking Pilates class for the last 1 1/2 years. It has really helped me gain my strength and flexibility back as well as lose weight and is a good complement to going to the gym. Hope it helps you too.

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