Leftovers Salad

This week I have been trying to fill up on as many vegetables as possible to make up for the lack of said vegetables over the weekend. That has meant salads for lunch! I love a good salad and love mixing things up in order to not get bored by the same old salad everyday. My solution this week has been turning leftovers in salads.

Monday night’s dinner = turkey tacos
Tuesday’s lunch = turkey taco salad (taco meat mixture of ground turkey, tomatoes, black beans and onions over mixed greens with fire roasted salsa).

Tuesday’s dinner = shrimp stir fry
Wednesday’s lunch = Asian shrimp salad (stir fried shrimp, broccoli, carrots, bok choy, orzo and onions over mixed greens with sesame oil and red wine vinegar).

Yum! This is a great way to use leftovers in a new way and also to keep portions in control at dinner. If you know you want to use leftovers for lunch, you will eat less at dinner! I will definitely be eating more leftovers salads in the future!

P.S. rzo works really great in stir fry as a substitute for rice. Aaron couldn’t find the rice, so the shrimp and veggies were ready and I needed carbs! 😉 So we went for orzo since it is a cook-cooking grain. Love orzo! It worked perfectly!


One thought on “Leftovers Salad

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