Adding to the List

It typical Amanda fashion, I am constantly thinking of new things I want to accomplish, or changes I want to make in my life. One of the big ones is to spend less time in front of my laptop when I am home and should be spending quality time with Aaron. I come home from being at work all day and instead of maximizing those few hours we have together, I spend too much time blogging, Tweeting, reading blogs and just goofing around on the computer. It is just a habit that I don’t even think about.

Some nights I just don’t feel like being on the computer and after awhile Aaron always comments, surprised, “You haven’t been on the computer all night!” If he is shocked when I am not on the computer, then that mean I am on it way too much. I know that it will be good for my sanity and my sleep as well.

This means I need to be more efficient in my blog writing and research, which I know I can do! I look forward to spending more time with my boys! Have you ever found it necessary to cut back on computer time?


2 thoughts on “Adding to the List

  1. Mish says:

    seriously..I need to cut back. it’s bad. seriously. an addiction.

    thank you for writing this.

  2. Bridgette says:

    Yes! I have a serious problem actually. I am typing this in between commercials of the Ravens’ game when I retrun to my office to see if I have missed emails ro look-up something else I just thought of! I am trying to stop. I swear…

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