The Couple That Sweats Together…

Stays together! That is what I told Aaron this morning when we got back from our workout. Aaron and I often go to the gym together on the weekend, but we don’t workout together. This morning was different. We had planned to go for a short run together and then I would continue running while he did some football drills at the park. When we got to the park, I changed plans and stayed at the park to do the drills with Coach Aaron!

We warmed up with about a 1 mile run and then did two circuits of the following exercises (each was done on a field about a 30 yard distance)

– High knees
– Side shuffle
– Back shuffle
– Grapevine
– 3/4 speed run
– Walking lunges
– 100 yard sprint/jog/sprint/jog

Then we walked back home. The whole workout was about 45 minutes and we were both huffing and puffing and sweating the whole time (even in 45 degree weather). It felt kind of like a bootcamp class without the push ups and situps (the ground was too wet). We talked about bring free weights and medicine balls next time to get a full body strength and cardio workout.

It was so great to workout together and mix things up. I look forward to more couples bootcamp classes.


One thought on “The Couple That Sweats Together…

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