Keeping a Well-Stocked Kitchen

One of the hardest things for me is keeping our fridge, freezer and pantry well-stocked. I think it is the curse of moving from year to year and also trying to shop on a budget. I have always wanted to have a kitchen that was full of things I like to eat so that I could throw together meals at a moment’s notice. I am good at coming up with meals using what we have on hand, so I know that I would not let food go to waste. After staying with our friends in San Diego over NYE, I was inspired by my friend Carlye’s freezer and pantry, so I am trying to gradually stock our kitchen.

This week I have taken advantage of great sales on chicken and turkey at the supermarket. Lots of BOGO deals on lean turkey breast! Our freezer now has pork tenderloin (on super sale), chicken and frozen shrimp for a rainy day. I also grabbed some pantry staples that we use almost every week like black beans, canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, whole wheat pasta, and chicken broth. This will save me the time and effort of picking them up as needed.

My next task will be to head to Costco and take advantage of bulk items. I know this will be a huge help in my efforts to keep the kitchen stocked. The key will be to buy frozen products, products that can be easily frozen, or non-perishable items.

I plan to keep you posted on my efforts and provide tips that work for me as I go. So far I have been using the same techniques I use for weekly grocery budgeting, but think beyond the coming week.
Scan the weekly store specials online to scope out the deals. This works well for picking up extra meat and seafood since it freezes well.
Don’t buy anything we wouldn’t eat just because it is on sale. Otherwise it will just sit in the pantry, fridge or freezer forever.
Pick items that serve double duty. Canned tomatoes can be used for sauces, soups and chili. And one pack of ground turkey can make two meals.

Do you have any tips on keeping a well-stocked kitchen?


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