Braving the Cold?

I have to admit that I have been a big baby as far as the weather goes since moving to Northern California. Half of the year in Northern California is not very comfortable for running. Summers can get really hot, and winters can be wet and cold. At least in the summer the days are longer and morning and evening runs are comfortable. Between the cold and darkness of the winter, I have banished myself to the treadmill or just not running at all.

That needs to change! I need to work on building my base and running in all kinds of conditions – dark, cold, wet, windy. That got me thinking about my running gear and how I don’t have the proper gear. Maybe that is part of the problem. If I was comfortable, dry and warm, running in the winter might not be quite as bad.

This past weekend Aaron and I worked out outside and I tried to dress appropriately. I wound up wearing my full-finger cycling gloves and a cycling vest to keep my hands and core warm. I think it definitely helped!

Some other things I want:

A beanie that is warm and breathable at the same time

A headband

A warm base layer

A headlamp for dark morning/evening runs. I have one for camping that I may try first. Not sure how well it would stay on, though.

What are your must have items for winter workouts? Any recommendations?


3 thoughts on “Braving the Cold?

  1. Micro spikes in case it’s icy! That’s a must in New England.

    • modernation says:

      Yeah, luckily we don’t usually have snow or ice. I feel bad complaining when I know it could be much harder. I just got spoiled living in San Diego for so many years. I’m in shock! 😉

  2. Jesse says:

    i love having a head lamp, it really makes all the difference. i also recommend lots of reflective gear.

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