How Real Is the Real World?

Have any of you been watching the latest season of the Real World that takes place in Washington D.C.? I catch a little bit here and there when I am vegging out and nothing else is on. Today I watched the most recent episode online and most of the episode centered around body image and weight. Pretty much all the girls mentioned that they have struggled or do struggle with body image issues. In recent seasons, it seems like there hasn’t been much emphasis on the issue. Past seasons touched on the issue because cast members were struggling with eating disorders during the show.

The issue came to a head when a male cast member (Ty?) made a comment under his breath that his roommate, Callie, was not skinny enough to be in Playboy. Seriously?! Even if you don’t have body image issues, that would be upsetting. Not to mention totally uncalled for. His defense was that it was the truth and he wasn’t going to pretend like she looked like a Playboy model. How bout just keeping your mouth shut?! Thew result was Callie thinking she was fat. This girl is the “fat girl” in the house:

Ridiculous, right? And it doesn’t help that the other girls all walk around the house preaching, “No I am so fat!” These girls all need to read and write some Operation Beautiful notes and END THE FAT TALK. I know it is easier said than done, but I just think about the young girls watching and what they are thinking. I hope they know The Real World show is much different than the real real world and those girls don’t necessarily represent real women.

Thoughts? And I mean thoughts on the issue, not the embarrassing fact that I was actually WATCHING the Real World. Trust me, I know it’s lame!


3 thoughts on “How Real Is the Real World?

  1. Jess says:

    It’s so upsetting! The media has skewed all of our minds with what beauty is. Beauty, as per the media, is tall, stick thin, olive skin, long silky hair, perfect ass, perfect breasts. But what are they creating here? They are creating the unattainable! NO girls look like that, there’s retouching, colour enhancement, LOADS of makeup in order to make these ‘perfect girls’ look the way they do. But if we all don’t look like this ‘ideal’ then we’re not the THIN beautiful women we THINK we are. We now doubt our thoughts and look at ourself in the mirror longer and depict EVERYTHING that’s not perfect about us!
    It’s got to end! It’s a tough issue to get read of, I mean it’s been around for YEARS! The media controls what is beautiful.
    But we must know that we are all beautiful in our own skin, figure and height. All that the ‘ideal woman’ OR man because it’s not only for women, causes insecurities and omits people from living their LIVES!
    Good post<3

  2. Mish says:

    and this is why Heidi Montag and others are obsessed w/ plastic surgery….

  3. abbynormally says:

    …MTV MIGHT be the reason society is messed up. I wish people would stop focusing on material things and outward appearances. It’s about your attitude and your soul and your character that makes you ugly or fat. They need to work on that and the rest falls into place because you’re working on the things that really matter in life. The Real World is so sad, because it’s causing young adults to act like it too. Now it really is “the Real World”.

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