Just Don’t Go Together

Last night was a night of things that just don’t go together. I woke up early around 5:15, but instead of heading to the gym, I decided to get some work done. I was determined to get a workout in, so I brought my gym bag with me to work and planned to hit the gym on the way home.

Before leaving for the day, I changed into my workout gear and headed straight to the gym. Two things that don’t got together are the gym in January and 5 PM workouts. Holy mass of people! I guess a lot of people made New Years resolutions to get healthy (as always). I really wish everyone the best of luck with those resolutions, but look forward to the inevitable thinning of the crowds at the gym come March. It was crowded when I showed up, but ten minutes later I looked over at the entrance from the stairmill and there was a line out the door to check in. As hard as it is to wake up and get the to gym first thing in the morning, it is so worth it to me to miss the crowds. It is amazing the difference 12 hours makes!

I powered through a super sweaty 25 minutes on the StairMill. I did 10 minutes at level 8 before switching to intervals. I cranked it up to level 15 for 1 minute and back to level 8 for 1 minute. Toward the end I decided to see what level 20 (the max) feels like. It feels like you are sprinting up a flight of stairs. Two other things that don’t go together? Level 20 on a stairmill that backs up to floor to ceiling windows. I made it 30 seconds before my jiggling ass was too much to bare. 😉

All in all a great workout. I was dripping in sweat, breathing super hard and got in and got out as quick as possible! And then I came home to dinner that was already prepped and just needed to be reheated. Chili with all the fixins! Followed by relaxing on the couch with the boys. Pretty great night!


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