Refreshing Ride

Following our new Saturday morning tradition of couples’ workout Aaron and I set out for a bike ride this morning. It was pretty foggy, but since it is supposed to rain for a week straight starting tomorrow, we decided to go for it. It takes me a lot longer to prep for a ride than it takes Aaron, so I got started early.

Once I was geared up, we headed out for our first bike ride together since our move. It was so wet and cold that I had a hard time pressing on. But I did. We made it about 11 miles roundtrip which took us an hour. Aaron was riding his road bike and I was so impressed he was able to keep an 11 MPH pace going. Good job, baby! I was also impressed with how many people were out even in the crappy weather. My hands were frozen solid, even with my full-finger cycling gloves. I couldn’t even get them off by myself because my hands were numb. I was so glad we got out and spent some time together moving our bodies! I am a big fan of these Saturday morning workouts together and hope they continue. Two weeks in a row officially makes it a tradition as far as I’m concerned!

After our ride I had a quick meeting and then stocked up on our groceries for the week and beyond. I am still working on stocking our fridge, freezer and pantry and loaded up pretty well today. I went for the proteins that were on sale – ground turkey, frozen chicken breasts, steaks, whole chicken, and frozen shrimp. I keep forgetting to photograph my groceries for you guys, but some other items I picked up included:

– Frozen blueberries and strawberries
– Cheese! Parmesan, mozzarella, havarti
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Veggies: Lettuce, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, onion, potatoes, mushrooms
– Fruit: apples and bananas
– Granola
– Non fat greek yogurt
– Milk
– Eggs
– Herbs: cilantro, parsley

The freezer is starting to look full. I was so surprised how empty our fridge was by the end of the week. I guess it is good since the items in the fridge are perishable. If the freezer stays stocked and we supplement with fresh produce for the fridge each week, I think we will be good to go!

We are off in less than an hour to meet puppies we want to adopt. I have butterflies in my tummy like it is Christmas morning. I really hope we can add a new member to our family today! Recap coming later.


One thought on “Refreshing Ride

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