One of Those Days

Today was one of those days – a two cups of coffee morning. We had such a fun-filled, busy weekend that I need a day off just to recover. Here is a quick weekend wrap up:

– Friday night Cheap Date night. I was in charge this month and we went tot he race track to bet on some ponies. With $1 beers, I knew we couldn’t go wrong. The crowd was interesting, but we got to spend some fun, QT together.
Saturday: AM frigid bike ride. Followed by a meeting with a new client. Then it was PUPPY time. We went to visit two puppies available for adoption and we came home with Cash.
– Sunday: Took Cash over to spend time with his Grampa (my Dad) and then spent the day with my Dad and brother cooking and going through my childhood room to clean it out. My parents built their house in 1984, so I spent my whole childhood there in the same room. There is a lot of stuff for me to go through! Dad made us a delicious dinner before we came home to relax for a couple hours.

I didn’t sleep well last night. Cash was whinning in the other room for awhile and once that stopped, I was kept awake by the creepy sounds the wind was making outside. There is a big storm here this week and the wind started last night. I woke up at 2 when Aaron got up to handle puppy potty duties. At 4 the cat woke me up and at 5 I got up to get my morning started and spend some time with the Cashster before I have to go to work for the day.

In between my two cups of coffee I did have time to make a batch of my easy blueberry muffins. I enjoyed two with some greek yogurt for breakfast.

I am going to miss Cash so much today. I was away from him for a couple hours yesterday and it was torture. I am always so excited to come home to see Aaron and Trigger and now I just have one extra reason to get home ASAP! Happy Monday!


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