The Temperature of Happiness?

Did you know there is an optimal temperature for happiness? It’s 72 degrees F, or about room temperature. Too far in either direction will make your mood take a nose dive. Does the weather affect your mood? I remember my mom telling me about a time when my brother and I were babies the sun hadn’t come out for weeks and she was feeling so blue that she put us in the car and drove an hour until she found the sun.

This week’s weather has looked like this:

And next week looks like this:

Makes me feel a little sad just thinking about it. Also interesting weather to have the first two weeks you bring a new puppy home who has to go outside to use the bathroom about every hour. 😉

Researchers at The University of Michigan found that nice weather can improve mood, memory, openness to new information and creative thoughts. In order to get the benefits from warm, sunny weather, the researchers found that you must spend at least 30 minutes outside.

This wet, cloudy and rainy weather makes me feel sluggish and more tired than normal. I am a lot less motivated in the morning to get up and get going, leading to me rushing around at the last minute to get out the door on time. And I am usually wearing clothes that don’t match because I am even less motivated to put myself together to look cute. Lucky for me, 5 year olds and 7 month olds don’t really care what you look like as long as you take care of them!

The perfect weather for me in Sacramento is mid 70s to low 80s and SUNNY! Luckily, in a few short months my wish will come true. Just hope I can make it through these dreary days without totally letting myself go! Hopefully getting in some good sweat sessions and getting lots of sleep will help!

Any mood lifting tips? This face works pretty well for me!

PS – Happy 89th birthday to my Grampa – Bumpa


One thought on “The Temperature of Happiness?

  1. Lisa says:

    First of all, cute pic of the puppy, he is adorable. And, I totally agree, I’ve been so grumpy because of the non-stop rain and gloom but heading up to the snow this weekend so hopefully all this rain will be worth it!

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