My Favorite Time of Day

My new favorite time of day is taking Cash for his walks. It is so relaxing and so nice to get outside. This weekend the rain has taken a little bit of a break, so we have been able to take him for longer strolls. It is so fun to watch him explore the neighborhood and talk to all the neighbors and other dogs. Cash is quite the social butterfly! All he wants to do on walks is find other dogs and people to play with or chase cars down the street. I think he misses his foster brothers and sisters!

Since we have moved to Sacramento we haven’t met many of our neighbors. In the week that we have had Cash we have visited with at least a dozen neighbors. Cash is getting us outside and introducing us to new people! Of course, everyone absolutely LOVES Cash!

I love taking Cash for walks with Aaron because it is a nice time for us to catch up and spend time together as a family. But this morning I took Cash out for a solo walk. We walked for about an hour and I then dropped him off at home with Dad and headed out for a quick run. I planned to go for about 3 miles, but cut my run in half when it started to rain and I realized I didn’t have any waterproof gear on. It has felt so good to get back on the road. I have felt really good on my runs and lately my speed has been really good which I am pleasantly surprised by!

Today we are having a few people over for clam chowder, beers and football. Cannot wait to light a fire and enjoy the company of family and friends and to show Cash off to everyone! Hopefully that hour walk wore him out and he will be nice and calm. HA! Fat chance!


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