Yard Work Workout

Whew! What a busy and productive Saturday. I really needed that! I have been feeling “off” this week. When I am off, I usually stray from blogging because I enjoy blogging when I am feeling good. I blame it on the cold I caught from the baby I nanny, the crappy weather catching up to me, and my lack of exercise from being sick. But, thanks to the best thing since slice bread Zicam and the sun coming out today, I feel so much better!

I crawled out of bed a little after 7, fed the pup and immediately threw on my workout clothes for a long walk with the baby. We headed out for our favorite 1.6 mile loop that goes by the park. Cash looks at the park with these big eyes and cannot wait until he can go run around without his leash and play with the other dogs. Some days he just sits on the sidewalk and stares at the other dogs with envy. I try to explain that he needs to get all his shots and learn some commands and once that happens he can go play. He doesn’t get it, though. Last Saturday that loop took us an agonizing 1 hour and 5 minutes. Partly because we stopped to talk to a neighbor for quite sometime and partly due to the previously mentioned sitting on the sidewalk. Today we powered through it in 32 minutes!

After our walk we waiting for Daddy to wake up, has breakfast and then got down to some much needed yard work. Since it has been raining for 2 weeks straight, the yard has been neglected. Aaron and I spent two and a half hours cleaning up the front and side yards and worked up quite a sweat! I wore my heartrate monitor and burned 460 calories during our raking, shoveling, weeding and pruning session. That is 184 calories an hour. Not bad. Plus, my obliques and arms are already sore! I raked so many leaves into huge piles and then used a shovel to scoop them into the green waste bin which really worked my abs. So not only does our yard look SO much better, my abs will too! Win, win I think!

You know those lists online that tell you how many calories different activities burn in a given time? I always wonder how accurate those are, so I looked up the numbers for yard work. One number I found was 165 calories per 30 minutes. That is way higher than my numbers which work out to 92 calories per half hour. I think those lists are a great to give you an idea of which activities might burn the most calories, but don’t trust them completely. They are kind of like the calorie counts on cardio machines which normally are on the high side. Just use them as a reference, not as the end-all-be-all. To really learn your calorie burn, invest in a heart rate monitor. I love mine, especially for activities not usually considered exercise (i.e. yard work, and moving).

Today I have also put dinner together in the crock pot and can’t wait for braised short ribs later tonight. Made it to the grocery store for some essentials to get us through the weekend. I may have also picked us up some rewards for doing so much work this morning (cheese, crackers, dip, wine and beer). On the agenda for the rest of the day – another walk with the dog, snacks and drinks and dinner. Also want to crack open my new Runner’s World for some motivation. Need to bite the bullet and drop $95 bucks tomorrow for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in San Diego (June 6). Anyone else running it, or want to? Tomorrow is the last day to register at $95 before it goes up to $115. Those bands better be good! 🙂


One thought on “Yard Work Workout

  1. Lisa says:

    Exciting about SD Rock & Roll! I’m nervous – I just started training for real last weekend and hoping I’ll be ready for the race. I’ll see you there!

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