Why Are the Weekends So Short?

I truly believe that the work week should be 4 days and the weekend 3 days. If I were President that would be the first thing I did ;). But seriously, I think people are more productive when they are crunched for time. How often have you put things off at work until Friday and then wind up running around like a chicken with your head cut off to get it done? When I was a desk jockey I always made a point to try to get everything off my plate that I could by Thursday. That way on Friday I could just tie up loose ends and take care of anything that came up last minute. It really helped m sanity and let me ease into the weekend.

This weekend has been really productive. Saturday was chock full of yard work and then we had a fun adventure on our evening walk with Cash. When the weather is nice, our long family walks are so nice. Last night we headed out around 4:30 with the sun shinning and blue skies. I brought a glass of wine for the road (hey – it was Saturday and I worked hard!) and Aaron brought a cigar. We took a new route which meant lots of sniffing and peeing. It also meant a fun discovery for Mom and Dad.

About half way into the walk we stumbled upon a neighbor who looked like he was making wine in his garage. I asked about and he told us to come in and take a look. For 35 years he has been making wine in his garage. I mean LOTS of wine. I got an impromptu wine making lesson, a tasting of some really good wine and a tour of their home garden. It was really amazing to see what dedication, time and passion and create. Very motivating! Joe sent us home with a bottle of wine and a new friend thanks to Cash. I am sure we will be stopping by Joe and Wanda’s house again in the near future!

Back to the productive weekend…this morning we took the pup for a long walk and then gave him a bath. His baths have been a weekly occurrence thanks to the rainy weather. After scrubbing him clean and cleaning out his ears (this is a big project), Aaron and I headed to a local bagel shop for breakfast. I was craving bagel and lox and so that was what we had! We sat and read some local magazines over coffee and OJ.

We came home and relaxed with the animals (all four of us on one couch) and I got some work and laundry done. Next on the agenda:
– Go for a run
– Another walk with the dog
– Shower
– Put clean clothes away
– Make jambalya for dinner
– Relax before the week starts all over again

I really wish the weekend was 3 days so I could have two productive days and one day to relax. Time just goes too fast when you keep busy!


2 thoughts on “Why Are the Weekends So Short?

  1. abbynormally says:

    I will vote you into office! I need one more day devoted entirely to sleep!

  2. modernation says:

    Thanks Abby! I appreciate the vote. Although, President is the last job I would ever want. Hopefully some future president reads my blog, though! 😉

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