Valentines Recap

How was your Valentines weekend? We had a good weekend. Saturday morning was full of fun exercise. Saturday night my Dad took us to a crab feed which was so fun. I had never been to a crab feed before, and let me tell you – you get a lot of food for your money. We stuffed ourselves with Cesare salad, pasta, clam chowder, prawns and crab. I had salad, two small servings of pasta, a bite of Aaron’s chowder, about 8 prawns and who knows how much crab. 😉

Yesterday morning my sweetie and I (and Cash) went to the local bagel shop for breakfast before Aaron headed off to play football while Cash and I took a walk and then I went to the grocery store. I kept lunch light with cereal and a banana because I had a rich, cheesy dinner planned.

Valentines Day is a day to indulge, right? I am not big on chocolate, but I could eat my weight in cheese everyday. For our sweetheart dinner we had French onion soup, garden salad and fondue!! We love fondue and tried a pre-made kind. As Aaron said, “It’s melted cheese!” We dipped steak, veggies, bread and fruit into the gooey cheese. Instead of chocolate fondue for dessert, we made boxed brownies we had in the pantry and made homemade brownie sundaes with ice cream and brownies.


Turned into this…

And this…

Turned into this…

All in all – a perfect Valentines. For me, everyday is Valentines Day because I get to wake up next to the man I love and be treated like a queen everyday (go ahead and barf if you want, but it’s true!). Here’s to a great week!


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