Meat Free Monday

I can’t believe that yesterday was already Fat Tueaday, which means today is the start of Lent. I grew up Catholic, and while I am not a practicing Catholic now, I do like the idea of Lent. I try to think of something really good to give up each year. Some of the most memorable things I have given up in the past include:

– Using my credit card
– Salt (adding salt to foods)
– Coffee

I don’t really indulge in many things now because Aaron and I live on a tight budget and keep extravagances and vices to a minimum. I thought about giving up wine, or dessert but then realized that those are the two things I really look forward to treating myself to, and since I don’t go overboard on either thing, I didn’t want to cut them out. I am already trying to add more intense workouts and other things to my daily routine as part of my New Rules.

Then I remembered an email I got about Meat Free Monday. Meat Free Monday was started by Paul McCartney and his family to illustrate the impact small lifestyle changes can have. He says,

It’s amazingly easy to take one day in your week, Monday or any other day, and not eat meat. When you think about it, there are so many great alternatives, for instance, in Italian cooking, so many of the dishes are vegetarian already and Thai and Chinese cuisine are the same. All it means is that you have to think a bit about what you’ll eat that day but, in actual fact, far from being a chore, it’s a fun challenge.

In 2006, the United Nations issued a report which stated that the livestock industry as a whole was responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the whole transportation industry.

I will be participating in Meat Free Monday for the next 40 days for Lent. I thought about giving up meat for the entire 40 days, which I know I could do, but I decided that it would not be realistic. It would mean cooking separate meals for Aaron and I and adding more groceries and $ to our weekly food budget. Also, I think trying MFM for 40 days may turn into a habit that I stick with beyond Lent. I don’t ever plan to become a full vegetarian, so this may turn into a new habit for me.

Are you giving anything up for Lent? Do you want to join me in taking on the Meat Free Monday challenge?

The MFM website has lots of information on the impact MFM makes, and also lots of recipe ideas. I will report back with how things are going and any new meat free recipes I come up with!


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