Trail Run Fail

So my plan for this afternoon was to leave work and drive to a trail to do a run around Folsom Lake. I had found a map that showed some trails only a couple miles from work. I had not investigated the trails, so it was a bit of an adventure.

The first street I drove down was gorgeous and lined with ranches. I felt like I was in a different world. But it did not dead end at the lake as I had imagined, so I turned around and tried the next access point. As I pulled in and stopped at the guard gate, I was informed that if I wanted to go for a run I was more than welcome but I would have to pay the day usage fee. That was $10 per car and the park closed in an hour. Ugh, you can’t just let me in to go for a quick run? Guess not! Trail run fail!

I wound up driving pretty much back to work, parking in a shopping center and doing a 30 minute out and back run on the bike trail. I guess it was still a trail run, just not the one I was expecting. I was expecting a beautiful sunset run along the lake, but was instead surrounded by a view of a bust street.

The run was a success though because of the fact that I did not give up and just drive home (I was extremely tempted, though). It was also successful because it was a pretty good run. The first half was uphill the entire time. The inclines probably ranged from flat to up to a 5% grade. 30 minutes later I was sweaty and my muscles were exhausted. I guess it was actually a trail run success!


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