My Kind of Friday

It’s Friday! Everyone keeps talking about how fast this week has gone. For me it has actually felt kind of long. Maybe because I didn’t have Monday off. What I wouldn’t give for a three day weekend! Regardless, I made it to Friday.

I get done with work at 2 on Fridays and usually try to spend some time with Aaron. Sometimes it is going out to lunch, a movie, or going to Costco like we did today. For awhile now I have been wanting to make a trip to Costco to get some groceries for the house. Our recent trips to Costco have been to purchase items for events we are catering, and it is hard to think about buying things for us when we are so focused on what we need for clients. So yesterday I told Aaron I wanted to make a trip for us this weekend.

When you live in a house with only two people, it is hard to do much grocery shopping at Costco because it is just impossible to go through some of that food. But I knew there were some things that would be a great buy for us. Growing up in a house with 4 people, my mom would make monthly trips to Costco and spend hundreds of dollars. I am now realizing that it is okay to make a trip and only pick up a few things. I will admit that it is hard to not buy one of everything, though.

After Aaron had his ritual Polish dog and pink lemonade we headed inside and browsed around to do some aisle shopping. We stuck to our list and here is what we came home with:

Black pepper: The real reason for the trip. We use a lot of pepper and it is half the price as the grocery store version.

Mixed greens: 1lb of lettuce for less that $4. We have a green salad pretty much every night with dinner, so saving $1.50 on each of these containers will at up!

Jack cheese: 2.5 pounds of cheese for the same price 1 pound would be at the grocery store or Trader Joes. Aaron eats sandwiches for lunch most days and we eat a lot of cheese (one reason I could never be vegan). Cheese is expensive, so the savings on cheese may really add up.

Deli Roast Beef: Lunch meat is also expensive, so hopefully getting it from Costco will save us some money.

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches: We are big fans of Skinny Cow, but they can be pricey at the supermarket. 20 sandwiches for $10 is a great deal!

Sourdough bread: Bread freezes easily and these huge loaves were less than $4 for BOTH! Aaron likes this bread for his sandwiches.

Frozen Mahi-Mahi Filets: I love Costco’s frozen fish. Each piece is individually vacuum sealed. You just take them out of the freezer in the morning and they are defrosted by dinner time. This bag has about 9 pieces which will be great for quick dinners or fish tacos!

Amy’s Bean, Rice and Cheese Burritos: These are for my lunches. I LOVE Amy’s burritos but they run about $3 each at the supermarket. This box of 8 was $10 which works out to about $1.25 each. Score!

We of course found lots of other things we wanted including garden supplies and plants, dog food (so much cheaper), lots of meat, etc. I do think we will be making more regular trips to Costco for staples like we purchased today.

After Costco we took a nice long walk with the puppy and I made steamed clams with a garlic, white wine and tomato broth. Alongside a green salad and crusty sourdough for dipping, it was a great dinner. Fancy bistro food at home is my kind of a Friday night! Have a great weekend. I am hoping to getting a long workout in tomorrow, some walks with the dog, grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s and some laundry. All before I go to a 5 year old boys’ basketball game and then babysit. Phew – tired already.


2 thoughts on “My Kind of Friday

  1. abbynormally says:

    I’ve never been to Costoco. I’m been so reluctant because it’s just me and my husband to feed, but maybe it is worth it! Thanks for posting about it 🙂

    • modernation says:

      Abby – yeah it is just the two of us, too. Some things are just ridiculous to buy for 2, but if you take some time to check things out and think about what you will use, you can find some stuff that is worth it.

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