Training Weekend

Had a great set of weekend workouts with my personal trainer. Ha! I wish I could afford a personal trainer. But I did workout with a trainer – my indoor cycling trainer. On Saturday Aaron and I woke up and went for a run, took the dog for a walk and then I got grocery shopping out of the way. I had planned on going for a bike ride, but my day got away from me and I didn’t have time to go for a ride outside.

I decided to break out my indoor trainer and get a workout in that way. I had a great 35 minute workout, burned 375 calories and was a sweaty mess. The best part was I got to watch trashy reality TV during my ride! I worked at keeping my heart rate at about 70-75% of my max and also did some ILT (isolated leg training) sets during the commercials.

ILTs are where you unclip one foot and pedal with just one leg. Trying to maintain 65 RPM and nice smooth circles with a lower gear. These exercises benefit your riding by balancing leg strength in case one leg takes on most of the work during your road rides. I like to do drills like this when I workout on the trainer so that I am doing workouts I can’t do on the road. I do not recommend unclipping one leg while riding on the road.

Sunday I hit up the trainer again since it was a little drizzly outside. I did about 30 minutes on the bike and then did some core and strength moves and some stretching. Some of what I did. All with 8 lb. dumbells.
– Alternating shoulder presses
– Bicep curls (regular and hammer)
– Crunches on stability ball
– Chest flyes on stability ball
– Torso rotations with 6 lb. medicine ball
– Lateral raises

Followed by stretching and foam rolling.

I have designated Mondays as my rest days because I am trying to work really hard on the weekend and a rest day is ultra important!


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