Big Announcement

So…I have an announcement. I have decided to participate in the the Echelon Napa Valley Gran Fondo on May 23rd. The ride is a 100 mile century ride through Napa Valley. How can you not sign up when you read this description of the race:

Riders will enjoy the splendorous spring colors as the Napa Valley comes to life! After departing from downtown Napa, the ride travels along the historic Silverado Trail. Riders will experience the beauty and charm of the wine country. After meandering through the Valley, the Howell Mountain timed climb will challenge rider’s strength and endurance. Once on top of the Valley wall, riders will be rewarded with spectacular views of the entire Wine Country before a super fast and wide descent. After crossing spectacular vineyards, the course climbs up the Eastern Sonoma hills following a long descent back to the town of Napa.

I have also pledged to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, St. Helena Hospital and the Queen of the Valley Medical Center. If you have the desire and are able, I would greatly appreciate it if you could donate on the fundraising page. I guess the fundraising page has a minimum online donation of $20. If you would like to donate in a smaller amount, let me know and I would be happy to accept a check!

I have done one other century ride in June of 2008 and it was the time of my life! I cannot believe it has already been almost 2 years. I got excited about cycling in 2007 during my Olympic distance triathlon, and fell in love with cycling in 2008 while training for America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride in Lake Tahoe.

I love training for events and having a goal when I set out on the road. I have 13 weeks until the century. I have been riding, but inconsistently. This will be great motivation to go for longer rides.

To develop a training planning I searched my memory for what my training was like for AMBBR. As I recall, I did one long ride and one spin session each week. Some weeks a would get another medium distance ride, but stuck to about two sessions a week. But, I think my training was more like 18-20 weeks than 13. So my plan is to get to rides in a week and one spin session on the trainer. Saturdays will be dedicated to long rides, building mileage each week. Sundays I will aim for a shorter recovery ride. These are important for muscle memory and recovery.

The other days will be dedicated to rest (one day) and cross training, running, yoga and strength training. I am also tentatively planning on racing in a half marathon two weeks after the century. Now we’re talking! I think the two will be good cross training for each other. I hope! The thing I will really need to concentrate on is stretching, yoga and foam rolling in order to get myself through it! Check out the course map, elevation and my initial training plan below:


5 thoughts on “Big Announcement

  1. Congratulations! Looks like a great ride, can’t wait to hear more about it as your training progresses. Hamlet & I will definitely be making a donation.

  2. […] yogurt on the way home made it all A-OK, though. My Dad seemed really interested in my upcoming century ride and I am hoping I might get someone to at least do the 30 mile ride (the race also has a 30 and 60 […]

  3. Bridgette says:

    You know what? I think my other (secret) goal or fitness bucket list thing is that I really want to do a century ride. However, I only have a hybrid bike, so I keep putting it off and making excuses about it. After all this wedding crap I need advice from you about which one to do and how to train.

  4. […] believe the ride is already here. It doesn’t feel like it has been three months since I signed up for my second century. I can’t wait to ride through Napa with Aaron and 1200 other cyclists […]

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