What are You Thinking About?

Funny story…last night as Aaron and I were going to sleep, he asked me, “What are you thinking about?” Normally I would respond with a cheesy cute answer like, “How lucky I am.” or “How much I love you.” But last night my response was, “Smoked salmon.”

We both started cracking up at how ridiculous it was for me to be thinking about smoked salmon at 10 o’clock at night when falling asleep. Random. My reason was because my Dad had us over last night for veal piccata, and I had also made pork piccata earlier in the week (Piccata Week 2010, I guess). It all started because I was thinking about capers and my favorite thing to eat with capers is smoked salmon! My brain works weird, sometimes. I guess we will be picking up some smoked salmon at Costco tonight!

This morning is was so hard to get up. This week has gone by fast, but it is really starting to catch up with me. Every night I am so exhausted on my drive home. Having dinner made for us last night and stopping for frozen yogurt on the way home made it all A-OK, though.

My Dad seemed really interested in my upcoming century ride and I am hoping I might get someone to at least do the 30 mile ride (the race also has a 30 and 60 mile option in addition to the 100). Last night we also started planning my post-race meal and talked about all my favorite Napa restaurants. Can’t wait to earn a big dinner!

Wednesday night according to my training plan, I did a 35 minute spin session on my trainer. It was such a good workout. Tomorrow I have a 30 mile ride planned and I am really hoping the weather holds out for me. The rain really needs to quit and spring needs to come so that I can stick to my training plan. Riding in the rain just doesn’t work for me.

This weekend should be busy, but good. We have Dude Food event this weekend and another next weekend. Watch out, world, here we come! Have a great Friday! TGIF!


One thought on “What are You Thinking About?

  1. Ha ha, that is funny! I agree, Spring could not come soon enough. Have a great weekend 🙂

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