Why is it so hard?

Why is it so hard to remember how much better exercise makes me feel? Somedays I try to fight it, but I need to always remember how much better it makes me feel. I was feeling sluggish and tired all day. My morning 30 mile bike ride got pushed off until tomorrow, so I lost some motivation to workout.

I knew in my mind that I needed to get a run in because last night Aaron and I pigged out at Koren BBQ. I had to sweat all that food out! After a morning of running errands and a long walk with the dog, the sun decided to come out. I strapped on my sneaks and hit the road after trying to talk myself out of it.

Surprise, surprise, I felt so good immediately! The weather was awesome and the air was so nice and clean after 36 hours of rain and wind. I chugged along for a 3.3 mile loop and made it in 29 minute. Go me! That’s an 8:47 pace which is so not like me!

The weather is supposed to be great tomorrow, so I will get my 30 miles in then. It should all work out better in the end because if I had done my ride today I most likely would have had a rest day tomorrow. So I got a little extra exercise in!

Time to shower and head out to cater a little dinner! Happy Saturday!


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