Rollin’ on the River

Rollin’, rollin’, rolling on the river! I was singing Tina Turner in my head all morning as I rode 30 beautiful miles along the American River. Check out my view in front of me:

And off to the right:

Gorgeous morning! Don’t let the lack of people fool you, shortly after the bike path was PACKED with cyclists and tons of runners from a local training group. As much as I love running, I was so happy to be cruising along at 16 MPH rather than running at 6.5 MPH.

At the halfway point I stopped for a little rest, some fluids and to enjoy the view. At the halfway point I was right on track to meet my goal of 30 miles at a 15MPH pace.

I snacked on some peanut butter pretzels and raisins (nature’s sport beans) while enjoying the view of the river and the fly fishermen.

At this point I was feeling good but started to worry about being able to keep pace for another 15 miles. But I powered through the second half of my ride and actually picked up the pace a little. The final results:

Total time: 1:57:46
Distance: 30.13
Pace: 15.3 MPH
Calories: 1329

I came home, showered and had a fabulous breakfast made by Aaron. I had full intentions of photographing it, but I guess I was too hungry. Halfway through I realized I never snapped a photo. Just trust it was good. Honey wheat bagel. Half topped with bacon, egg and roasted red pepper. Half topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon, tomatoes capers and onions. YUMMMM. I see a lot of food in my future today!

On the agenda for the rest of the day:
– Grocery shopping
– Laundry
– Nap (maybe)

Lately I have been experiencing a dull pain in my right knee cap. As I ride it turns to a hot, burning sensation. Is it possible that a tight IT band can cause discomfort in the front of my knee? I always thought it went down the side of the knee. Any thoughts?

Some gear I forgot to tell you all about that I remembered this morning:
– Body Glide: DO NOT ride without it!
– Bento Box: great to have on the bike to easily access snacks while riding.
– Arm and leg warmers: quickly change as the weather changes without stopping for a restroom.


5 thoughts on “Rollin’ on the River

  1. Bridgette says:

    Yeah, definitely, because you’re ITband is J-shaped and runs from your hips alongside your quads and down under your knee. You have tight hips, right? That goes hand in hand with IT problems. That’s probably what it is.

    • modernation says:

      Okay, well at least I know I can foam roll that out. Always have had hip problems and tight IT band too. Getting back on the bike must be making it even more tight. Need to be better about foam roller, stretching and yoga.

  2. Bridgette says:

    …and those pictures are beautiful!

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