The Power of a Training Plan

I didn’t have the highest hopes for my ride this morning. I was going to be proud of myself if I just made it my scheduled 35 miles. Thank goodness for having a training plan, though. If I didn’t have one, I would have been way too tempted to skip my ride all together this morning. It is crucial for me to get in my long rides, so when I have the time and the weather cooperates, I need to make sure I get one the road. That was my thinking this morning.

Not only did I make it through the 35 miles, I did them faster than I thought. I wasn’t going to stress about my speed, but when I got going, I felt pretty good and I stuck to a 15 MPH average pace. I really want to work on my speed during training and eventually get my average up to 16-17MPH (who knows if this is possible, but it’s a goal). Final stats:

35.33 miles
15.0 MPH average
1627 calories

When I got home I immediately chugged a glass of chocolate milk (awesome recovery drink) and whipped up a quick pizza. We had some pizza dough that was already grilled from last night, so I cut off a chunk and went to town on the toppings:
– homemade tomato sauce
– sauteed spinach
– crimini mushrooms
– grilled chicken
– goat cheese

I know I was starving from burning over 1600 calories, but I think this would be amazing anytime of day! I didn’t even shower before eating because I wanted to make sure I refueled during the tiny 30 minute window you have after a ride. Of course, I have been hungry all day and have been brainstorming where I want to go for dinner tonight.

After I finally showered and got dressed, we took Cash to the dog park which was so fun. I haven’t gotten to go with the boys to the dog park yet so it was so fun to watch Cash run freely and socialize. He is so social with humans and other dogs!

We then took Aaron’s bike to the bike shop. Can’t wait till he gets his bike fixed so he can ride with me! I also picked up a new long sleeve jersey that was on sale and wasn’t totally obnoxiously hideous! Pretty good Saturday. Time to veg out on the couch and then have a yummy dinner somewhere. Tapas and pizza? Mexican? So many choices!


One thought on “The Power of a Training Plan

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