The Calm Before the Storm

Okay, I guess I jinxed myself last week when I talked about how crazy last week was. All of a sudden, this week has decided to top the last. Ahh! I am not sure how I am going to get everything accomplished I want to, so I am going to try give myself a pep talk on the blog.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I will be working more than 12 hour days. 11 hours and 45 minutes of working and an hour of commute time. Eeek! The goal will be to multitask during those 12 hours.

The biggest thing this will interfere with (other than sleep) is my workouts and training. My solution is going to be to bring a workout video to work so I can get some sort of exercise in, even if it isn’t riding or running. I will also do my best to fit in some time on the bike by getting on my indoor trainer when I get home at night, even if it is just for 20 minutes. Every little bit helps, right?

I will also be trying to stretch and do yoga throughout the day to help keep me sane and my body moving. I do not think it is realistic for me to try to hit the gym in the morning and be in the car by 6:45 to get on the road.

To save time I am planning to bring what I need with me to make breakfast at work. I plan on making my first green monster tomorrow morning at work. We have a lot of spinach at home, so I am going to give the ole’ green monster a try. I hope they will help keep my energy levels up this week, too. Can’t hurt, right?

Aaron will be gone for a couple days to visit family, so I will be on my own over the weekend. I plan to make up for lost workout time over the weekend – it will help keep my mind off him being gone, too.

Lastly, I made a list of all the things (even the little ones) that I want to get accomplished this week. Being able to cross things off the list will help keep me going and stay on track. Sometimes if things get overwhelming, I just give up on everything for a few days. I hate that! This week, even getting laundry done will be an accomplishment.

I already feel more motivated after this “pep talk”. Do you have any tips for when life seems to get out of control?


One thought on “The Calm Before the Storm

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