Whittle While You Work

Anyone else hear the Seven Dwarfs right now? High, ho, high, ho, it’s off to work we go! I have been trying to figure out how to fit in exercise this week while working 12 hour days. Leaving the house at 6:45AM and getting home at 7PM just doesn’t give me the ability before or after to fit in a workout. When I get home I need dinner and as much cuddle time with the puppy, kitty and Aaron as possible.

Today I squeezed in a quick cardio and strength combo with a LaloFit session. It has been awhile since I did Lalo, and forgot how hard it it. Seriously, this video gets my heart pumping, sweating and my muscles shaking in no time. It is an awesome full body workout and all I need to do it is a DVD player (or my laptop), a yoga mat and a set of 5lb. dumbbells.

So glad I got a workout in. I was tempted to nap instead, but the workout woke me right up. And my Amy’s Bean and Rice burrito tasted even better after.

What is your go-to workout when you are in a crunch?


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