Something I Need to Work On

I have a pretty set routine and like to keep to a schedule. Sometimes when my plans get changed unexpectedly, I tend to freak out a little. Today’s plan was to come home from work and go for a bike ride with Aaron. I was SO looking forward to enjoying the late sunshine with Aaron since we have been apart for almost a week. Let’s just say that didn’t happen.

I had a call with a client scheduled for 2 this afternoon, but he was running late, so we rescheduled for 3:30. At 3:30 I called – no answer. 3:45 – no answer. 4:00 – no answer. I finally emailed him that I was leaving for the day and if he was available in the next few minutes that we would have to reschedule. He called 5 minutes later to say he was available. I thought, great, let’s bang this out. Then he said he needed to call me back in a few minutes so he could use the bathroom. WTF?!

When he finally called me back almost an hour after we were supposed to talk, a 30 minute call turned into a 75 minute call. The guy loved to hear himself talk and was full of back-handed compliments regarding my writing. He was really pissing me off. Then he asked to put me on hold because his wife was calling. Instead of putting me on hold, he put the phone he was on with me down and answered another phone to talk to his wife will I got to listen. It was after 5 by now and I was listening to him make dinner plans with his wife while I was anxiously awaiting getting home to my family.

I really started to freak out. I was almost in tears while trying to talk to him. Needless to say, I let it get to me. Every minute that ticked by, I saw my bike ride drifting off into space. There are two things you don’t mess with – my time with my boys and my exercise. This guy messed with me and it got me fired up. Add to that the fact that my schedule kept me from my workouts both Monday and Tuesday, and you have a recipe for disaster. I need my sweat time to keep me sane. I cried most of the way home – crazy, I know! I am embarrassed.

After I got home, Aaron brought me back to reality. He always calms me down. We took the dog for a walk and within a block my outlook had totally changed. We have a ride scheduled for tomorrow and all is right in the world. I really need to work on staying calm in situations like this. We all have our little things, right. Thanks for letting me vent.

What is something you need to work on about yourself?


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