An Uphill Battle

Today was all about the hills. I successfully completed a 55.7 mile HILLY ride. Aaron and I decided to start from a new place rather than just heading out from home. This would give us a little change of scenery. This also meant that we started to hit the real hills after 7 miles instead of 20. The first 20+ miles of my ride was really hilly and definitely on the slow side. When I turned around my average pace was 11.5 MPH. I knew I had some ground to make up on the way back if I didn’t want to spend the whole day on my bike. I wound up finishing 55.7 miles in just under 4 hours with a 14 MPH average pace. I was pretty happy about that considering the number of hills I had to tackle.

I did stop along the way to smell the roses and enjoy the beautiful weather.

My favorite part of the ride is when I get to see the sheep and cows at this farm 6 miles from our house. There are baby sheep right now. Have I told you that when I retire I want to live on a farm? With horses, cows, pigs, and chickens.

After the ride I refueled with chocolate mile and half of a turkey and jack sandwich before showering and heading to the dog park with my boys. After the park, we enjoyed well deserved beer, nachos and burritos at one of our favorite taco shops. We are all ready to pass out now!


3 thoughts on “An Uphill Battle

  1. What beautiful scenery! Also, may I retire with you on the farm? I’ll need horses and dogs of my own.

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