I Heart Jamie Oliver

I have told you guys in the past that I am passionate about improving school lunches. The situation is really dire in so many schools. What goes into a child’s body directly affects their performance, concentration and overall mood. You know how we get when we are HANGRY? The same thing happens to kids. I have rad that many kids are diagnosed with ADHD prematurely, when just changing their diet can make all the difference they need. Can you imagine giving a child pills when all they need is a carrot?

There are a lot of people trying to make a difference in the way children eat at school. Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign kicked off recently. One pillar of the 4-part initiative is the Healthier US Schools Challenge Program which establishes rigorous standards for schools’ food quality, participation in meal programs, physical activity, and nutrition education – the key components that make for healthy and active kids – and provides recognition for schools that meet these standards.

Slow Food USA has a Slow Food in Schools campaign. Slow Food in Schools supports local projects as they create meaningful relationships between young people and food. By placing an emphasis on hands-on experiences, community interaction, and the pleasures of the table, Slow Food in Schools projects help to strengthen the food communities of tomorrow by engaging youth today.

Jamie Oliver has also taken on the challenge in his new show called Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I just watched the first two episodes and was shocked, touched, saddened, and hopeful all at the same time. He aimed high by heading to school in Huntington, WV – recently named the unhealthiest city in America.

I was shocked at how little the kids knew about food, and even more shocked by what they were served at school. Pizza for breakfast?! Not using a fork or knife to eat at school from age 4-10?! Not being able to recognize even the most most common vegetables like a potato or tomato?! “Oh..that’s what ketchup is made out of? I know ketchup!”

Jamie was brought to tears at times during the show because of the situation at the school. You can really feel his passion. I love his philosophy of teaching people what to eat and how to cook. I think education is the best way to change eating habits. Taking control of what you eat and understanding it is very empowering – even for a child.

Sign Jamie’s petition to save cooking skills and improve school food. here.

Please check out one or all of these movements and make your voice heard. I do not have kids, but it is true what they say – they are our future! I hope by the time I have kids conditions have changed.


One thought on “I Heart Jamie Oliver

  1. Bridgette says:

    Ooo, I am glad you wrote abou this. ACTUALLY, I was just filmed by PBS and NPR yesterday for this program in which I am involved here called Louie’s Kids, introducing obese kids to running and counseling them on nutrition and fitness. PBS was filming as par tof Michelle Obama’s initatives. Anyway, it was exciting and now that I am working in a high school I am seeing firsthand how crappy food is–especially in the south and areas where obesity rates are high, poverty rates are high and there are huge socioeconomic disparities within the school system.

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