A Creature of Habit

I lead a pretty boring life am a creature of habit. I am used to having my days pretty well planned, and my weeks. I go to bed at the same time, get up at the same time, etc. When my schedule is off, everything else goes with it. Yesterday was one of those days.

Wednesday night we had friend from San Diego stay the night, which meant staying up late to catch up. I wasn’t in bed until after midnight, over two hours later than normal. It snowballed from there. I was tired all day yesterday and I think m willpower decided to nap all day. When I am tired I do not make the best food choices. I am usually too tired to spend much time cooking healthy meals, and once I start eating bad food, I can’t stop.

While filling Easter eggs, I followed the “one for you, two for me” method. By the end of the day I may or may not have eaten half a bag of Starburst jelly beans.

I had originally planned an evening bike ride, but my plans got canceled when I had to help my dad at his office after work. By the time I got home, I was so tired and making dinner just didn’t sound appealing. What did sound appealing was the Chinese food I could smell from the little Chinese restaurant around the corner from my house.

Before I knew it, I was knee deep in wonton soup, chicken and broccoli and egg rolls. See what happens when my schedule gets messed up? I need to be better about being flexible and making healthy living a priority no matter what.

How do you keep on track when life seems to be off-track?


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