Reverse Brick Workout

In triathlon training a brick workout is when you do two (or more) sports back to back in the order they would be completed in a triathlon. That means a swim immediately followed by a bike ride, or a bike ride followed by a run. This afternoon Aaron and I did an impromptu reverse brick workout. The weather was pretty crummy this morning and we didn’t want to struggle through a long ride in the cold. Cold foggy rides are really not enjoyable.

Later in the afternoon things started to turn around so I decided a run would be on the agenda to kick off healthy spring break 2010. I invited Aaron and he ACCEPTED. We ran some together and then parted ways to finish our respective runs. I wound up completing 4.02 miles in 38 minutes and felt great. My endurance is really great right now from the long rides. If only my muscles, knees and hips could go as long as my heart! I felt so good and the weather was nice, so I got the bright idea to head out on a bike ride when I got home.

I haven’t been able to fit in a ride all week due to weather and scheduling and the weather is supposed to take a turn for the worse again tomorrow and did not want t be off my bike for that long. I shared my idea when Aaron when I got home and he joined me for an hour long ride. We got in close to 13 miles and my legs felt great.

Now I am tired from the impromptu brick workout. I have had 1.5 glasses of wine and am feeling it. We made paninis and they were so yummy. I had prociutto, paquillo peppers, spinach and brie on whole wheat. We also had salads and green bean “fries”.

Pretty good Saturday if I do say so myself. Tomorrow we are having some family and friends over for Easter brunch. I love having people over and entertaining. Should be fun. What are your Easter plans?


2 thoughts on “Reverse Brick Workout

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