Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. I enjoy Easter – not for religious reasons, but just because it is a reason to eat! I was raised Catholic, but am no longer practicing. Easter revolves around where and when we will be eating brunch. Last year it was an all you can eat buffet. This year it was brunch at our house. Now that we live in a house with room to entertain, we take advantage of it as often as possible. We have had a few football parties, Christmas dinner, Super Bowl and now Easter.

What can I say? We love food and cooking for other people and having friends and family over to enjoy it with. Easter brunch was a success!

The menu included:

– Bagels and cream cheese
– My multi-grain blueberry muffins
– Cinnamon rolls
– Spinach, tomato and goat cheese frittata
– Bacon, caramelized onion and cheese frittata
– Breakfast potatoes
– Fruit plate
– Coffee
– Mimosas

It was all perfect! I had a little bit of everything and went back for more fritatta. Fritattas are a great idea for feeding breakfast or brunch to a big group. A frittata is basically a baked omelet and can accommodate any fillings you like. They are also good for easy weekend breakfasts for small groups, too. You can throw together a frittata with whatever you have on hand and are healthy and pretty hard to screw up. We saute the fillings so the meat is fully cooked, and the spinach, onions and other vegetables are cooked. This just adds more flavor to the dish. While the fillings cool, mix the eggs in a large bowl with salt, pepper and a little milk. For a large frittata (9×13 baking pan), we use 10 eggs. This will easily feed 8 people. This makes fritattas a budget friendly option as well. Mix the cooled toppings with the whisked eggs and pour into a greased baking dish. Bake at 350 until the eggs are just set.

Now we are sitting in sweats and enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon. Tomorrow should be a busy and productive day full of work errands and exercise. Enjoy your Sunday and Happy Easter!


2 thoughts on “Happy Easter

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