San Francisco Treat

What a day! I took yesterday off of work to have a play day with Aaron. The weather was going to be gorgeous, so we decided to take advantage of a weekday off and head to San Francisco for the day. We took the ferry across the bay and ate our way through the city. I had been looking forward to this day for over a week when we planned it. It totally lived up to the expectations, too. Be prepared for lots of pictures!

On the ferry – excited to start the day!

We may or may not have had mimosas on the way over – straight out of the carton and wrapped in a plastic bag…classy!

Ferry Building Marketplace – I want to move in here!

Heaven – AKA Cowgirl Creamery

Ferry Building Picnic – one of our favorite parts of the day

Chowing down!

Wine flight at Ferry Building Wine Merchant

Peek a Boo

Cable Car!

Dim Sum Snack

Clam Chowder at Fisherman’s Wharf

The Grand Finale – Oysters and Clams at Hog Island Oyster Company – AMAZING!!!

See you next time, San Fran!

Seriously an amazing day. Now it is time to get some work done, rest up, detox and refuel for a long, hilly ride in Napa tomorrow. Life is good, isn’t it?!


One thought on “San Francisco Treat

  1. Oh, the ferry building! I’m so glad you had a date there – it’s like food heaven. Taylor Automatic Refresher has my favorite hamburgers, of course Cowgirl Creamery for the cheese, I love Recchiuti chocolate (especially the s’mores!), the lemon cake at Miette and any and all of the produce outside. Can you tell I’m obsessed? 🙂 Also, so jealous of your dim sum – yummy.

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