Napa Ride Recap and Partial Course Preview

Continuing to take advantage of my week off from nannying, we decided to head to Napa today for a ride along the Echelon Gran Fondo course we will be riding in May. I had mapped out several routes last night so we would have an idea of where to ride. Our goal was to do at least 40 milesAaron‘s longest ride to date.

The first route we planned was going to be a very hilly ride on the back roads of Napa. It would include part of the roads we will ride in the century, as well as some other hilly roads. However, when we drove in on the roads we were planning to ride, we changed our plans. They were just too narrow and too windy to do with only two people. They will be gorgeous to ride on May 23rd with a motorcade and full race support, but we just didn’t feel like risking it. It would have put a major damper on my week off if something bad had happened.

Instead we opted to ride the Silverado Trail. The Silverado Trail is a gorgeous, scenic road that takes you through the Napa Valley. It is also where we will begin and end our century ride. Silverado Trail also has a generous bike lane which was very appealing.

We covered 45 miles on the trail which included rolling hills and flat roads. The scenery and weather could not have been better. It was warm but not hot and the roads were quite since we were able to ride during the week. I must say, it was a little torturous to watch limos drive by us as they hopped from winery to winery. Riding past some of my favorite wineries and not being able to go inside for a tasting was pretty tough. Just some of the great names we passed by were Silver Oak, Duckhorn, and Darioush.

As we traveled north through the valley and headed toward Callistoga (the turnaround point for the century), I was amazed at how the scenery changed. It started to look more like the mountains with more pine trees and fewer Cyprus trees. We stopped a few times along the way for some fuel and to snap some pics. The 45 miles took us 3 hours and 15 minutes.

We grabbed a quick lunch of grocery store sandwiches and chips before making the drive home. The couch and a shower never sounded so good. Having to drive over an hour to shower after a ride pretty much sucks. But these views were worth it. And being with Aaron has he set a PR for mileage was pretty special for me!


7 thoughts on “Napa Ride Recap and Partial Course Preview

  1. fitandfortysomething says:

    What a gorgeous ride! I just got a new bike and can’t wait to start putting in some miles 🙂

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  3. These pictures look amazing. This is now my goal for next year. I definitely want to ride that route!

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