Saturday at the Market

One of my favorite weekend activities is heading to the farmers market. When the weather is nice, there is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than strolling the market, eating samples and buying the freshest local products you can find. And I love supporting local farmers. We haven’t been to the farmers market for awhile because we are usually out riding out bikes. But, since we got a 45 mile ride in on Thursday, our weekend was pretty much wide open.

Today we headed to Davis to check out their farmers market.

Davis is a cute college town about 20 minutes west of us and their market is located in the heart of downtown in the middle of a really cute park. The weather wasn’t perfect farmers market weather, but it was dry and not too cold. We had a few things on our MUST GET list, but of course came home with those items and then some.

I loved the atmosphere at the Davis farmers market. All the farmers were so friendly and wanted you to sample as many things as possible. I have been to markets in the past where you are almost afraid to go get a sample. Not here! One place gave me two samples and then told me to come back later for more if I was still hungry. After making one lap to check everything out, we circled back to fill our bags. We came home with:

– Potatoes
– Heirloom tomatoes
– Kettle Korn (probably the best I have ever had. And I am somewhat of an expert)
– Asparagus
– Strawberries (I have been craving strawberries)
– Spicy Red Pepper goat cheese
– Loaf of fresh French bread
– Chipotle tortillas
– Dried apricots

Then we enjoyed brunch from the food stands. Aaron snagged a polish hot dog and I indulged in some lamb curry and naan bread. Holy yum!

And of course a whole grain oatmeal raisin cookie for something sweet.

Do you go to the farmers market? What are your favorite finds from the farmers market?


7 thoughts on “Saturday at the Market

  1. I love the farmers market! I don’t go as often as I’d like. The produce there is way more expensive than it is even at whole foods. NYC is just so expensive!

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  3. Anna says:

    I love our farmers market. I went to a few different ones when I lived in SD and they never compared. There’s nothing better than roaming around the FM, watching the kids play on the lawn, sampling the deliciousness (I bet the place that told you to come back later is the East & West Gourmet Foods – their bolani is so good), and enjoying just being outside.
    I love getting my weekly batch of broccoli and bok choy every time I go. Then of course the Wednesday’s market is fun & more prepared food/dinner oriented – I always get a small dish of spinach dal – delicious.

    • modernation says:

      It totally was the bolani place!I definitely want to go on a Wednesday night when the weather is really nice. So glad we made the trip to Davis to check it out. We will be back often!

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