Back to the Grind

Well, my “Spring Break” is officially over. While I was still working one job last week, I was spoiled because I was working from home. I also was able to take some days totally off for adventures. I made a list of things I wanted to do over Spring Break. Let’s see how I did:

– A fun day in San Francisco. Ferry ride, farmers market, exploring and I imagine lots of food. Can’t wait for a fun date day with Aaron. TOTAL SUCCESS.
– Course preview in Napa. Aaron and I are going to head to Napa to ride part of the course for the century ride. I am dreading the hills! GREAT 45 MILE RIDE.
– Lots of bike riding. FAIL. I only did two rides last week.
– Fun walks with the dog
– A trip to Costco. One of the first things we did. Got lots of good stuff. I love stocking up on healthy finds at Costo. Looking at our cart filled with huge amounts of spinach, greek yogurt, and other healthy foods makes me happy.
– Mani-pedi. FAIL. Just kept putting this off.
– Read a book. Food Rules by Michael Pollan. SUCCESS. Read my review here.

The week felt like it went by super fast, but when I look back on all the fun stuff we did, I am so happy. We fit in lots of fun stuff, but also lots of relaxation. Here are some other fun things we did:

Davis Farmers Market
Hosted Easter Brunch
Two A Days to Kick off the Week


One thought on “Back to the Grind

  1. I am so impressed (but not surprised) with your completion of your spring break goals. If I were you I probably would have gotten the mani-pedi first thing so kudos to you for making a priority of the healthy and productive things.

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