Accidents Happen

I could not have had a more dramatic way to start off my week back at work. The whole day went smoothly as I got readjusted to spending the day with a 5 year old and we made it through the day. I even made it to the gym after work. I really wanted to start the week off on the right foot and get in a good sweat session. I spent 20 minutes on the stairmill at level 10 mixed in with some level 12 and 15 intervals. I then did a quick upper bod strength routine before heading home.

I wanted to cut my workout short because I really missed the boys and wanted to get home. That is when the day went into the crapper. I was in a really bad car accident on the FREEWAY on my way home. Just after I got on the freeway, I felt something go out on my car. It felt kind of like the brakes locking up on one side. My car took a sharp, 90 degree turn to the left and I found my self going perpendicular to traffic, across two lanes at 5:45 in the evening!

I didn’t know what was happening. I tried to control the steering wheel and straighten out, but my steering wheel wasn’t working and neither were my brakes. I held on the steering wheel for dear life and braced myself for impact. I was hit in the fast lane on the drivers side toward the front of my car and was turned 90 degrees back to face the correct direction. I then slammed into the cement wall that is the center median.

My airbags deployed, and I was contacted by the On Star lady and she notified the Highway Patrol. I could not move my car and was stuck in the fast lane.

I have never been in a car accident – not even a fender bender – so this was major for me. And I think it would have been major for anyone. There are so many reasons why I am so lucky. This could have been so much worse for me and for a lot of other people.

– There was only one other car involved and no injuries.
– The gentleman who hit me was so nice and was just so glad that no one was hurt.
– Being hit by the other driver was actually a blessing because if I had not been hit I would have hit the cement wall head on and I don’t even want to think about what would have happened.
– My car is an amazing piece of machinery (except for the little part where the A Arm broke causing me to crash) and totally protected me. Thank you air bags and roadside assistance!
– I am so grateful for my strong, resilient body. Talk about motivation to stay active and fit – I really feel that part of the reason I feel as good as I do today is because I take good care of my body.
– I thank God that I did not have the kids I nanny in the car at the time.

I am totally exhausted today. The emotional exhaustion is the worst. I keep running the accident through my head and it is really scary. But I am just so lucky to be here writing this post. Last night when I got home, I got the best hug ever from Aaron and it really makes you appreciate what you have.

I am so lucky to live close to family who was able to help me out last night and also with a car to drive today. I got to come home early from work today to rest up and relax. I feel kind of in a daze and am really emotional about the whole thing. I have never had a “near death” experience and sometimes it feels like it didn’t even happen. I know “near death” experience is a strong phrase, but things could have easily gone really really bad.

Have you ever been in a bad accident? How did it effect you? Did you have a hard time driving? This morning on my way to work I looked down and realized I was only going 60 MPH on the freeway.


6 thoughts on “Accidents Happen

  1. Oh my gosh, I am so glad you are okay! I have had a couple accidents, one was a fender bender and one was really scary. I got t-boned on the driver’s side one time and I had to take an ambulance to the hospital since I hit my head on the door window.

    I was scared driving for a couple of weeks and mostly rode with other people anyway because my car got totaled. But when I got a new car, I was eventually able to get used to driving again without hearing that horrible crashing sound in my head. You will be fine! So glad things turned out the way they did, you are lucky.

  2. Anna says:

    Hugs! and more Hugs.
    Even minor accidents can affect a person’s driving – my husband was rear ended at a toll booth this summer, and ever since then he’s been much more aware of cars that are too close to him.
    I’m so glad you’re okay and I can’t imagine how scary that must have been (and continues to be). So grateful that the universe took care of you last night.

  3. […] For — modernation @ 8:43 pm Tuesday was a really rough day for me. The day after my accident was a roller coaster of emotions. I was so happy to be okay, but I was also really traumatized by […]

  4. These are especially the times when I hate being so far away from you. Wish I could be there to wrap you in a big hug.

    I had a bad car accident in high school – I was T-boned on the driver’s side rear door. It was totally my fault for making a left hand turn when I shouldn’t have. For a while after that I was anxious when driving and was especially nervous with left hand turns – mine and other people’s when riding with them. After a while I got used to it and was a better, safer driver for it.

    I know it was so, so scary but I am ETERNALLY grateful that you are all right.


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