Cooking Soothes My Soul

Tuesday was a really rough day for me. The day after my accident was a roller coaster of emotions. I was so happy to be okay, but I was also really traumatized by the whole experience.

Every time I told someone the story or they asked if I was okay or said how happy they were I was okay, I totally started crying. Writing the post about it all was really emotional, too.

I found myself crying pretty much the whole day. I came home after work and running some errands (including picking up my sweet rental car) and Aaron was hungry for dinner. He took the dog for a walk while I made dinner.

I made chicken panzanella. As I was in the quiet kitchen, I found myself in this unfamiliar calm that I had not felt for 24 hours. By the time the bread was toasted, the chicken was grilled and the tomatoes and basil were chopped, I felt incredibly peaceful.

Aaron came home from his walk and I was so excited to tell him about how much better I felt while cooking and how thrilled I was that I didn’t cry the whole time. We both kind of laughed at the thought that me not crying for a whole 30 minutes was a big deal. I am generally a very happy, positive, optimistic person.

I really love cooking and have always found it relaxing. Tuesday was an extreme example, but an example nonetheless. Of course, thinking about how I hadn’t cried for 30 minutes made me cry. Haha.

My body is still feeling great. I have some bumps and bruises, but my neck, back and hips feel good, so I am happy. I may try jogging with the little one in the jog stroller tomorrow to test it out for reals. Love to all!!!


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