Setting New Goals

I feel kind of out-of-whack lately, and I am getting off track. First, I couldn’t stop eating Jelly Beans that I got for the kids for Easter eggs. Then there was “spring break” and a lot of this:

Some of this

A few of these

One of these

And finished the week off with some of this

I really enjoyed my break, but it is time to get back on track. I had the best of intentions this week, but things didn’t get started off exactly as I had planned. The who car accident really frazzled me, so I didn’t exercise the past two days and I also may have eaten a whole bag of Swedish Fish in a 24 hour period. And I’m talk a BIG bag.

While I was sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself while also feeling like I was going to puke from the sugar overload, I decided to do something about it. I have a 100 mile bike ride in just 5 weeks, so I need to do everything I can to be in the best shape for that. I also still want to do the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon two weeks after.

Since I haven’t been running more than 4 miles, I need to start adding some mileage. I am not planning to add anything crazy, just build up to some 6 mile runs, then 8, etc. Having two races on the horizon is the best motivation for me.

I don’t really have a set plan, but some of the ideas I am bouncing around in my head are:

– Start working out in the morning a few days a week. I want to start heading to the gym before work a couple times a week. This will allow me to get non-bike cardio in (treadmill intervals) and strength training without encroaching on saddle time or family time. I will be able to come home from work and take the dog for a walk and go for a bike ride with Aaron.
Cut back on sweets. I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, but somewhere along the line dessert became a nightly occurrence in our house. We have a Costco box of Skinny Cows in the freezer, which is a good alternative to full-fat ice cream, but I am going to try to cut out a few desserts a week. And no more bags of candy!
Clean up my eating. I always try to eat as clean as possible, but I have been straying too often in my opinion.
Watch the portions. This is my number one problem area. It isn’t so much what I eat that is a problem, but how much of it I eat. A few weeks ago I really focused on my portions and I felt so great. I learned what it felt like to be satisfied not stuffed and I felt lighter almost immediately. I need to go back to that!

Wish me luck! Again, this isn’t any set plan and I don’t have any concrete goals. I just want to start being more conscious of what I am eating and making exercise a priority again. What goals do you have right now?


One thought on “Setting New Goals

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