What a Day

Wow. Today isn’t even over and it has been a long one. It feels like it has been at least two separate days. Today was a long ride day which means that riding took up most of the day.

The ride
I had 60 miles on my training plan for today. I had not been on the bike since last Thursday’s Napa ride. And that ride was 45 miles. I was ahead of schedule before that (55 miles), so I was hoping 60 miles would be doable this morning.

Aaron and I like to mix things up and try new routes for our long rides. Today’s plan? Davis to visit the farmers market.

Last week we drove, and this week we rode!

We headed out around 9 this morning. This gives us time to wake up at our normal time (6:30 or 7:00), feed the animals, walk the dog, have coffee (for me) and breakfast before hitting the rode. It was so nice to be able to leave straight from the house and not worry about loading up the truck or having to drive home after.

We got to see a lot of different scenery along the way. Bike path along the river, bike path along the FREEWAY, and county roads.

When we go to Davis, we were greeted with a parade and marching band. Not a bad welcome! It was actually Picnic Day which is basically a big party day in Davis. There were lots of drunk college kids walking around at 11 in the morning. We got a quick snack while there. I chowed down on some fresh made naan bread with stewed tomatoes. Naan bread is an awesome mid-ride fuel. Hello carbs!

Can you see downtown? We need to get there. And then some!

We made a quick pit stop at the Capitol for a photo shoot and a little rest in the shade.

We made it to downtown

Made it! Almost 62 miles in just over 4:30:00

It was a beautiful day and a great ride! Aaron rode over 50 miles and did great. We got him decked out with a new helmet, raised his handle bars and his seat and got hi a CamelBak. He felt much better as a result! Yay for safety and hydration!

Then I came home to find one of my neighbors had backed into my rental car parked in front of the house. Yes, the rental car I have because my car looks like this.

UGH! I think someone is sending me a sign that I should stick to two wheels. Right now I am much more comfortable on two wheels than four. The only problem is that I work 22 miles from home and need to be able to transport two little ones. That may be a little tough on my bike. 😉 Deep breath – need to just remember how lucky I am and stay calm. Top priority now is food and wine, anyway!!!


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