Who Was I Kidding?

A few days ago when I laid out some new goals, one of them was to cut back on sweets. I mentioned not having dessert every night.

Who was I kidding?

Every night, when we finish dinner I look at the clock and count down the minutes until dessert. Why should I deprive myself that little treat after a long day? I don’t eat sweets during the day, so I only have one a day. The reason I added cutting back on sweets to the list was because I had been going a little overboard for a few weeks. We had been eating real, full fat ice cream which means portions are hard to control. And then I add toppings like peanut butter pretzels, chunks of dark chocolate Easter bunny, or a spoonful of peanut butter. Before I know it, my dessert was probably adding up to close to what my dinner was. That is no bueno!

We have polished off all the full fat stuff and now have a go-to stash of Skinny Cow ice cream sandis fromCostco (such a good deal). These are already portioned for me, so I know what I am getting. If I stick to Skinny Cows, I don’t see any reason to deprive myself of my nightly sweet treat.

Okay, I am done trying to convince myself that changing my goals is okay. I’m not sure why I feel the need to justify it since I know it is totally acceptable (and realistic) to adjust goals as needed.


One thought on “Who Was I Kidding?

  1. Lisa says:

    I was totally eating ice cream every night just because it was in the house. I stopped buying it for awhile (mostly because it wasn’t on sale), and consequently stopped eating so much ice cream! But, I do have to have a little something sweet every night like a few M&M’s or chocolate or whatever. I actually eat some cereal as a treat a lot – coco pebbles or pb puffins. I’ve found those are a good sweet substitute for dessert (good with milk and yogurt!). Haha, gone are the days when we’d polish of an ENTIRE box of chewy chips-a-hoy warmed in the microwave!

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