Time to Get My Butt In Gear

Pun intended.

I cannot believe it, but the Century is just 4 weeks away. Actually, 31 days to be exact. Not sure if you remember, but a couple weeks ago I got cocky and thought I was a week ahead of schedule in my training. Well, I just peeked at my training plan and realize I am not a week behind on my long ride schedule. How did that happen? Oh well, time to move on and get cracking on my mileage.

Looks like I will be adding 15 miles this week, and then I will be back on track. I am not really worried about the mileage, because I know I will be able to make up for it, and will be fine on event day. I am just confused, is all. We are pretty booked up for Saturday, so I guess I will be trying to bang out 75 miles sometime on Sunday. Ay, yi, yi…not sure how that will happen. I may have to break up the 75 miles into two day.

I picked things up this evening with an hour long ride. My goal was to hammer it and see how far I could go in 30 minutes, then turn around.

Twinsies all ready to roll!

I took a quick stop for a picture and to thank our Earth on this special day. Not a bad place to be at 6 in the evening, eh?

When I got to the 30 minute mark, I was at 7.66 miles. I decided to just ride to an even 8 miles and try to up my speed on the way back and still make in home at the 1 hour mark. It was a fun challenge that kept things interesting on my ride home. I was really pushing myself and I just made it!

16.02 miles in 59:51. Whew! I also burned 498 calories and totally earned a delish turkey burger with goat cheese, roasted red peppers and spinach on a whole wheat sandwich thin. On the side was roasted green bean “fries”. After that, I was still hungry (cycling makes me so hungry) so I cranked the oven up and through a serving of frozen sweet potato fries on a cookie sheet. I may or may not have topped them with a few blue cheese crumbles and some hot sauce. So yummers!

Now my left hamstring, buttocks and hip are screaming at me to get on the foam roller. I really don’t want to! But I know it will feel better after all the pain. I will treat myself to a Skinny Cow when it is all said any done. And I will sleep GOOD tonight.

Big congrats to Aaron for riding his bike 17 miles to football practice – AND back. I remember when riding to the bridge 3.5 miles away and back was a big deal. How quickly things can change. Proud of you, baby!


One thought on “Time to Get My Butt In Gear

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