What Would You Do?

If you won the Lotto? I have been have a pretty crappy day, but Aaron told me he had a dream last night that we won the Lotto. So he bought 5 Quick Pick tickets.

When you are having a bad day, it brightens up a little bit when you start to imagine what you would do and buy with $7 million. What would you do? Here was out list of the first things we would do:

Catch up on bills/pay off all debt
Buy a house
Buy a new car
Buy a cafe to start our coffee/sandwich shop
Go on a trip

I am sure I will be crushed if we don’t win after day dreaming about all the fun things we would do and buy. But I don’t care. All day I feel like I have been in the twilight zone, so I am going with it!

Also fun to dream about where we would take a trip. Maybe around the world? Aaron made a good point that we should go somewhere like Maui, where we have already been.

We know we would like, and we would have to worry about planning – we could just go and relax and then start all the planning with a clear head.

Or Vegas, where we have already been (several times) and love.

Hi Mama Jill!

I decided that Vegas for a couple days to celebrate and then Maui for a week or two to relax would be a good plan. Yes, I think that is what we will do.

Your turn to start dreaming. READY. SET. GO.


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