Groceries and Meal Plan

Happy Mothers Day to all the mom’s out there. My mom and brother came over and Aaron and I whipped up a tasty brunch of whole wheat french toast, chicken sausage, scrambled eggs with onion, spinach and cheese, and fresh pineapple and strawberries. It was perfect!

Before the fam came over, I ran to the grocery stores (yes, plural) to get the week’s groceries. Here are this week’s eats:

In the bags this week:
Bagels and cream cheese
Frozen chicken breasts
Frozen shrimp
Chicken sausages (already gone they were for brunch)
Goat cheese
Blue cheese slices (a new product I am excited about)
Frozen ahi tuna
Red bell pepper
Mixed greens
Whole wheat pizza dough
Tomato basil sauce
String cheese

This week’s dinner line up includes:
– Turkey sliders
– Ravioli with marinara sauce, spinach and chicken
– Seared ahi with roasted tomatoes and rice
– Pesto chicken pizza with goat cheese
– Shrimp Kabobs
– Chicken stir fry

Money Saving Tips
This week’s menu was based around what was on sale this week at the market and meals that require just a few ingredients. When I do my menu planning for the week, I start with what we have on hand. This week we didn’t have much, so my next stop is the sale fliers at the super market. I can find mine online and also spend some time browsing. I look for things that we would normally buy or eat. Just buying things because they are on sale defeats the purpose.

Things I found on sale this week include the frozen chicken breasts, string cheese, yogurt, and Cheerios (I never buy cereal but this was super cheap and thought it would be a good snack).

When thinking about planning a whole week of meals, choose recipes that don’t require a lot of ingredients. Choose ingredients that pack a lot of flavor bang for their buck. The pesto chicken pizza is a great example. All it needs is pizza dough, pesto, 1 chicken breast and a little goat cheese. Pesto and goat cheese are packed with flavor and you only need a little of each. The pesto and goat cheese and then be used in other meals to make them go further. Four ingredients for a super flavorful dinner – not too shabby!

What are some of your money saving tips for grocery shopping? I am always looking for new ideas because it seems like no matter what I do, we still spend a lot on groceries. I guess when you like to eat good, healthy food and cook most of your meals at home $70-$80 for two people isn’t bad. Right? I hope!


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