Change of Scenery (and plans)

Saturday was quite an adventure. We spent Friday night reluctantly planning where to ride 70 miles on Saturday. Neither of us were really feeling it. I commented that I would rather have a relaxed Saturday at the Farmer’s Market and eating yummy food – not Clif bars and Gu. But we have 100 miles looming over our head in two weeks, so there was really no option. We like to mix things up and find new places to ride. Saturday was one of those days.

The plan was to head to Davis, park and ride out 35 or so miles and turn around. We knew it would be hilly and windy narrow roads but I thought it would be beautiful. It was beautiful, but it also seemed like it just wasn’t our day. To start, my usually leaky CamelBak hit its breaking point and was dumping buckets down my legs, into my shoes, etc. It felt like I was peeing my pants for 4 miles. I finally dumped it out and was stuck with just my G2 water bottles the rest of the ride. Aaron and I both felt like we were kind of dragging ass, too.

We made it to Lake Berryessa and decided it was time to turn around and head back to the car. 15 miles from the car, Aaron mentioned that it felt like his brakes were on even when he was going downhill. I decided to check his brakes just for fun. Sure enough, his front brakes were rubbing so much that even when I spun his wheel as hard as I could, it would come to a stop almost immediately. Poor guy rode 35 miles with his front brakes on!!! I fixed it and we were on our way.

With all that happened, I was proud we made it over 50 miles. While we were hoping for more, 50 miles is nothing to turn your nose up at!

It actually worked out well that we cut the ride short since we had a birthday BBQ to get to at 3. We brought the dog with us because he had been in his crate all morning and afternoon while we rode and didn’t want to cage him up again for the evening. He had THE BEST time! He was the hit of the party, behaved perfectly and never stopped moving the whole night. The whole family was so tired when we got home that all of us went straight to bed at 9:30. We are crazy party animals, I tell you. It was great to catch up with old friends and just hang out.

I leave you with a cute picture of me and Cash at the BBQ and the sweetest picture of Cash and Trigger snuggling on the couch. They love each other!


One thought on “Change of Scenery (and plans)

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