Product Review: Click

I have been on the hunt for years for a protein powder that I like the taste of. I would love to be able to have the added protein in smoothies or to just be able to drink the powder mixed with water straight as a recovery drink after hard workouts. Right now I have been try to work my way through a tub if vanilla whey protein powder that I have to drink as fast as possible and mix with cocoa powder to stomach. I am hesitant to try new protein powders because they aren’t cheap and my assumption is that I won’t like it.

I was excited to have the opportunity to try a new product called Click. I was intrigued by the idea of a protein drink with caffeine. Protein is essential for recovery, and caffeine has been proven to boost athletic performance and recovery. From the Click website:

Click is the brainchild of Greg and Beth Smith, a Fresno, California couple who own a small chain of womens’ fitness centers. The Smiths were seeking a delicious, healthy beverage in response to the growing wall of sugar based energy and espresso drinks for their members. Their simple solution – a protein based, espresso, all-in-one energy drink – that makes you feel that you are doing something good for yourself one cup at a time.

Along with the two samples, Click sent a shaker bottle which is awesome! I love these little blender bottles and could always use another one. The cost is $26 for a container with 14 servings, which seems pretty standard to me. They also have single serve packets which would be great for travel.

The nutrition facts are pretty good. 120 calories – 1.5 grams fat (0 sat) – 15 grams protein – 23 vitamins and minerals (A, Calcium, D, C, and Iron to name a few)

The taste? Really good. The mocha flavor tasted like an iced coffee. You can drink Click hot or cold. I tried the mocha first and had it cold after a 26 mile bike ride. The caffeine and protein were perfect for holding me over after a ride until I got in a real meal. Since I am not a body builder, the 15 grams of protein are plenty for me.

Click has the same amount of caffeine as a 12 oz. cup of brewed coffee. I am looking forward to trying the vanilla version hot in place of my morning coffee.


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